13 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions 2023: Treat your skin right.

Do you want a great-looking tan without the sun?

With indoor tanning lotions, you can get a beautiful and natural-looking bronze glow in just minutes. It is covered with top-rated, award-winning products. These products are designed to give your skin an even, healthy tone with no streaks or patches. The high-quality sunless tanners are made to provide you with an even, natural-looking tan without the harmful UV rays. They’re easy to apply and won’t streak or leave any orange residue. Plus, they have a pleasant scent that will make your skin feel soft and smooth all day long! And they smell amazing.

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions 2021

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions Overall


Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion

Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion is the perfect solution to help you achieve that dark, golden color. It’s formulated with Kakadu Plum extract and Tea Tree Oil, both powerful antioxidants. This means it helps fight off free radicals while nourishing your skin at the same time. The result is a smooth and healthy-looking tan that will last longer than ever before! You can get an even darker tan in just one hour when using this product! Plus, it contains DHA, so your skin doesn’t feel dry or irritated after use.

What we like:

  • Protects skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • No need for expensive tanning beds or sunbathing

Best on Budget


Hawaiian Tropic Island Tanning Reef Friendly Lotion

Hawaiian Tropic Island Tanning Reef Friendly Lotion is the perfect product to give your skin that sun-kissed look. It’s made with exotic botanicals and extracts, so it smells like coconut oil with a tropical flair. The luxurious formula contains Aloe Vera, which keeps your skin ultra-moisturized and glowing. You can even use this product on dry or sensitive skin without worrying about irritation! This lotion will keep you moisturized all day long while protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.

What we like:

  • Helps you tan safely and more evenly.
  • Protects your skin from sunburn.

Best for Fair Skin


Devoted Creations Somewhere on a Beach

This intoxicating tropical formula will keep your skin hydrated, toned, and tanned! If you’re looking for the perfect tanning cocktail, then order up a bottle of liquid sunshine. Somewhere on a Beach, it’s TAN o’clock ALWAYS! Fragrance: Tropical Tantini. DHA Free bronzers provide streak-free/stain-free results. Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6, a Powerful anti-aging peptide that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for long-lasting results. Coconut & Walnut Oils provide skin softening and hydration properties. It can be used indoor/outdoor.

What we like:

  • The perfect summer fragrance.
  • A refreshing, clean scent that will remind you of the beach.


DARK TANS EXCLUSIVE That’s What Sea Said Tanning Lotion

Tanning lotions are an easy way to get that summer glow. This lotion is made with powerful accelerators and no bronzer for an authentic tan. You’ll never have to worry about your skin looking orange or unnatural again! Proprietary Tanning Accelerators – DARK TANS EXCLUSIVE That’s What Sea Said Tanning Lotion features an exclusive blend of Tyrosines, specially-formulated to stimulate melanin in your skin and accelerate the natural tanning process. White lotion – guaranteed not to stain clothing. Natural Anti-Aging Hibiscus – Hibiscus nourishes your skin.

  • Get a dark tan in as little as one day.
  • Become the envy of your friends and family with this deep, natural -looking tan.

Best for Sensitive Skin


QLV Beachtime Dark Indoor Outdoor Coconut Infused Tanning Lotion

The QLV Beachtime Dark Indoor Outdoor Coconut Infused Tanning Lotion is formulated with Intense skin softeners and skin hydration to keep your tan lasting longer. Seaweed Extract, Draws toxins out of the body. Body Fit, Reduces the appearance of cellulite and promotes firmness. Tattoo and Color Fade Protector, Prolongs the life and radiance of your tattoos and tanning results. Hibiscus Extract, Increases skin elasticity to give a stunning natural youth boost. You can use this product on all sensitive skin types without worrying about irritation or breakouts!

What we like:

  • Get a deep, dark tan in as little as one application.
  • Stay hydrated and avoid dry skin.


Millennium Tanning Solid Black Coconut Vibes

Millennium Tanning Solid Black Coconut Vibes is an indoor tanning lotion that will give you a dark bronze color with bronzer and tattoo protectors. It is easy to use – just rub the indoor tanning lotion evenly on your skin and step inside a tanning bed or lie out in the sun! This indoor tanning lotion contains coconut milk, oil, and cocoa butter so it works like a coconut lotion to smoothen tanned skin! For Indoor & Outdoor – This tanning lotion for tanning beds is also suitable for outdoor tanning!

What we like:

  • Tanning in a bottle with no streaks.
  • Deep, dark tan that lasts for days.


COCOSOLIS Choco Suntan & Body Oil

COCOSOLIS is best indoor tanning lotion on the market. It’s made with organic cold-pressed oils, bio-active ingredients, minerals, and vitamins that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. The coconut oil in this product solidifies below 25°C, so steam it before melting it! Tested under dermatological control; non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores); not tested on animals; suitable for vegetarians and vegans; no parabens, synthetic fragrances, or dyes; free from preservatives; 100% natural ingredients.

What we like:

  • Protects skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Helps prevent sunburn and dryness.

Best for Tattoos


Tanning Paradise Black Coconut Love Tanning Lotion

Tanning Paradise Black Coconut Love Tanning Lotion is a luxurious formula that will help you achieve a deep, dark tan. This formula is packed with multiple tan intensifiers and melanin stimulators to stimulate melanin formation and accelerate the tanning process. Ultra-tan activator stimulates tyrosine activity and promotes even and long-lasting color production. Skin tightening reduces the appearance of cellulite and promotes firmness, while tattoo & color fade protector helps protect your tattoos from fading!

What we like:

  • Tanning lotion that is 100% natural.
  • Gives you a deep, dark tan in just one application.


Dolce Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion

At Dolce & Gabbana, they believe that beauty is about looking good and feeling good. Dolce Black is the world’s first 100% natural tanning lotion treatment with full skin care benefits. The deep, dark, and long-lasting results of Dolce Black are achieved through a proprietary blend of DHA bronzers combined with a super soft silicone formula that allows for superior absorption into the skin. Tattoo & Color Fade Protectors with Self- tanning lotion formula protects the color and luster of your tattoos.

What we like:

  • Protect your skin from the sun.
  • Gives you a deep, dark tan in just one use.

Best for Face


Onyx Magnifique Sunbed Dark Tanning Lotion

Onyx Magnifique Sunbed Dark Tanning Lotion is the most potent self-tanner in its class, with a combination of active ingredients that will help you achieve a deep, dark, and natural-looking tan. It contains sesame oil, tamanu oil, walnut extract, coffee extract, yerba mate extract, and lemongrass to give you that desired color of your skin. The lightweight, non-sticky texture makes it easily absorbable by the skin so you can enjoy and relax. You will be able to achieve a deep, dark, and natural-looking tan with this powerful self-tanner in its class.

What we like:

  • No streaks or blotches
  • Fast, even tanning results


Devoted Creations Famous Faces Tanning Lotion

The Devoted Creations Famous Faces Bronzer/Firming/Tan Enhancer Facial Tan Enhancer is the perfect product for anyone who wants to achieve that dark facial tan. It’s blended with multiple advanced technologies, including Matrixyl and Vitamin A, to help give you best results possible. And it includes a light palm garden fragrance! You can use this product every day of your life to get the most out of your facial tanning experience.

What we like:

  • Get a natural, streak-free tan in as little as an hour.
  • Protect your skin from UV damage and premature aging.
  • Get a deep, dark tan that lasts for days.
  • Protect your skin from harmful UV rays and damage.

Best for Legs


Onyx Bronzing Tanning Lotion Sexy Legs

Sexy Legs is made for your legs! The fast-absorbing extra bronzing formula helps to even out skin tone and hide imperfections, while skin firmers and skin conditioners leave your legs feeling soft, smooth, and ready for the party. Dual bronzing power: Powerful bronzers DHA and Erythrulose ensure immediate and long-lasting profound tan results for dramatically darker legs after just one tanning session. Sexy Legs was created primarily to provide dark, luminous color for hard-to-tan body parts when other lotions can be less effective and leave some places paler than others.

What we like:

  • Get a natural-looking tan in minutes.
  • Make it easy to apply evenly with the included mitt.


The Sicilian 200X Dark Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion

The Sicilian 200X Black Bronzer is made with innovative odor-blocking properties that leave you with any unpleasant post-tanning aroma, so you can stay fresh while getting dark. Our ultra-rich formula features high levels of DHA to give you a naturally gorgeous dark tan and healthy skin. There’s more to a stunning tan than just darker skin! That’s why it was formulated tanning lotion with skin-loving ingredients like Silicone, CoQ10, Walnut & Macadamia Oils for a soft, healthy & more youthful glowing radiance.

What we like:

  • You’ll have a deep, dark tan that will last for days.
  • Get the natural-looking sun kissed glow you’ve always wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of indoor tanning lotion should I use?

There are many different types of indoor tanning lotion. Some are for people with sensitive skin or want something moisturizing.

Do indoor tanning lotions really work?

Yes. Most of these products are marketed to scare people into buying them by turning tanning into some kind of health hazard, which is just nonsense. The idea that getting a golden tan on your skin is bad for you – either short-term or long-term – is ridiculous. Skin cancer doesn’t happen simply because somebody did something they were told not to do.

Does tanning help you lose weight?

Tanning helps you lose weight. Gravity causes your body to gain weight, but tanning helps it resist gravity.

What is 20 minutes in a tanning bed equivalent to?

Tanning in a tanning bed is about three times as strong as the sun. This is because one hour in the tanning bed is equal to three hours in the sun.

Does coconut oil help tan?

Coconut oil can help you get a tan. Coconut oil has unsaturated fat content, which makes your skin more tanned. Coconut oil also helps prevent the sun from damaging your skin because it blocks some ultraviolet rays from reaching your skin. Coconut oil is also antioxidant-rich, improves elasticity, firm up skin’s tone and texture, and shrinks pores! Some people find that coconut oil smells good too.

Does drinking water help you tan?

Water is good for your skin and helps keep it hydrated. Proper hydration means that sweat can evaporate from your body. When you drink water before an outdoor activity, like tanning, it will help keep your skin healthy and elastic. If you want to avoid getting sunburnt, drinking water and staying in places with no direct sunlight, such as grassy fields or shade trees, is advised.

What food helps you tan?

Carrots can help your skin be healthy. Carrots provide Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps protect the skin. Antioxidants protect our eyes and other sensitive areas of the face from free radicals (molecules that come from pollution). Free radicals can damage collagen fibers in living cells, leading to wrinkles. Carrots also contain beta-carotene, which means they may reduce inflammation caused by sun exposure over time too!

Indoor Tanning Lotions Buyer Guide

When it comes to tanning, it is very important to go for a lotion which works for your skin type and provides just the right amount of tan you need. Some products are designed for giving deeper tans which can make you look like very dark. This buyer guide will help you to choose the right tanning lotion for your body and face which gives just the right amount of color to your skin. Keep the following factors in mind when choosing a lotion to get a great product:

1) Skin type and concern

It is essential to determine your skin type and concerns before going for tanning to see if it will suit your skin. People with sensitive skin should be very careful because tanning can peel the skin if the formula is too strong. Choose a product which is designed for your skin type and has a gentle formula.

2) Tanning requirement

Some products are designed to give a natural subtle glow to the skin while some tanning lotions have deep and dark tanning formulas. Determine the type of tan you want and which color will suit your skin tone. A deep red tan will suit darker skin tones and a natural gold tan will suit lighter skin tones.

3) Customer reviews

Read what the fellow customers have to say about a product before you take a plunge as you can get the most genuine reviews from people who have used the product before. You can go online to see what other people have to say about the product and how it worked for them.

4) Usage & instructions

With tanning lotions, the most important step is to follow all the instructions very carefully to avoid any mishaps. Leaving the tanning lotion for too long on the skin can burn the skin and lead to peeling. Some tanning lotions are meant to be absorbed into the skin but others need to be washed off. Follow the usage instructions of the product to get the ideal results.

5) Price

A tanning lotion is a product which is used once or twice the month so it is advisable to buy a quality product to avoid any skin injuries. A single bottle will last for a very long time. Tanning lotions generally cost anywhere between 20$ to 50$ depending on the quantity and brand. Look online for deals and discounts available on the product you are looking out for.

Here are some general tips and tricks you should keep in mind when buying and using a tanning lotion to get a great tan:

  • If you want to get a cooling sensation while getting a tan, go for cooling lotions which provide a relaxing cold sensation to the skin while tanning it. There are some tanning lotions which also provide a tingling sensation.
  • Always keep the lotion only for the time advised in the usage instructions to avoid getting a darker tan than required.
  • Avoid products which have a lot of harsh chemicals which can dry the skin and harm it if used continuously. Formulas with moisturizing ingredients should be preferred.
  • Choose a lotion which is easily absorbed into the skin and gives an even finish as a blotchy and uneven tan can look unattractive.
  • Keep the lotion away from the sun to keep the formula intact as the sun rays can disintegrate the product.
  • Using mitts to apply a tanning lotion makes things a lot less messy as the mitt can keep your fingers from staining. Wash your hands carefully before and after application of the product.

So these are some of the most popular tanning lotions available in the market which give you a great natural glow in the color you need without basking in the sun outside. These lotions are great in terms of formula and price and are available in all types of colors and consistencies. Choose a lotion from these options which works for your skin types and gives you a great tan. This buyer guide will help you find a product which you will love for its results. So go out and buy a tanning lotion for getting a gorgeous bronzed look for your next vacation.

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