10 Best Pacifiers for Breastfed Baby 2021

During the early stages of development for a baby before the baby is introduced to other foods, pacifiers are usually used to feed the child. Pacifiers are plastic objects fitted with rubber at the top so that baby can suck it as he or she is used to suckling the nipples of their mother. Pacifiers should be kept clean in order to avoid contamination which results to diseases to the baby. Pacifiers can be used for several reason, it can be used to sooth the child to sleep, it can be used to make frighten baby calm and even to keep the baby silent. Most babies have the habit of sucking and some even start this in their early stages of development by sucking their thumb. There are some arguments on pacifiers when it comes to hygiene in that some pacifiers may cause the baby to contract diseases, pacifiers too causes addiction n that when the baby was made to sleep with a pacifier when it is withdrawn while it is asleep the baby will get up and start crying. The use of pacifiers should be regulated and proper hygiene ensured to realize good results.

10 Best Pacifiers for Breastfed Baby Review 2021

The First Years GumDrop Newborn Pacifier

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This pacifier is designed for babies in the age bracket of zero to three months. The design is made of silicone and therefore preventing the small baby from hazards such as chocking. Another advantage of this pacifier is that it is easy to sterilize hence it ensures good hygiene for the baby. During this age bracket the bay is vulnerable to infections and therefore this pacifiers is easy to clean and that makes it comfortable for the baby to use without being contaminated. The pacifier is latex free and it is durable. This is one of the pacifiers that is recommended for use by hospitals worldwide as it is safe for the baby. The pacifier is also light hence the bay can handle it easily. The design of gumdrop newborn pacifier enables it to be attached with other pacifiers hence the best for babies up to three months of age.

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier – Giraffe

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This pacifier design works well for babies up to the age of six months. The manufacturers have made in in such a way that it can be used without necessarily using cords or clips to attach. The pacifier has with it a soft bean filled animal that not only makes it attractive but also improves the baby’s sense of touch. This pacifier is a one piece hence there is no side that can hide the germs and make the bay ill, this makes it easier to clean. WubbaNub pacifier has no latex in its materials composition. The animal fitted has the right size for the baby to handle hence it also acts as a toy for the baby. There are different designs of the animals of which all are safety for the baby.

Philips Avent soothie pacifier

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Philips Avent soothie pacifier has been designed to suit the baby’s oral development and fit in their mouth well. It is used for babies before the teeth grow. Philips Avent comes in one piece construction so that it cannot hide germs in between the cracks and this helps to avoid contamination which is risky for the baby. The pacifier does not constitute BPA hence listed among the hospital recommendations. It also does not have any taste and odour hence safe for the baby. Sterilization can be done by steaming or in dish water. The pacifier contains a soft and flexible nipple that makes it easy for the baby to hold it in the mouth. It contains silicone which makes it durable and safe for the baby as the mother can use it for longer period of time without getting another one.

NUK newborn 100% silicone orthodontic pacifier

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NUK newborn has been design to suit the oral development needs of the child in that during the use the baby’s jaw exercises and the tongue also gets into use and this helps to align the teeth in the baby’s mouth as they grow.  Upon buying this pacifier it comes in a pack that contains two of them inside. It has one piece construction meant to maintain high standards of hygiene for the baby. It has three vents and through the nose there is a cut-off, all this have been included in it so that it can enable the baby to breath easily and at the same time avoid irritation on the skin of the baby which is delicate. Of the testimonies about its use it comes out clearly that it is easy to clean as there is no space for water to get in and get trapped.

MAM Night Orthodontic Pacifier

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MAM Night Orthodontic Pacifier fits the babies who are above the age of six months as it is larger version of orthodontic pacifier. The nipple has been made in such a way that it supports the gum development, palate and teeth of the child. This pacifier outstands from the rest in that it contains ultra-soft texture and silicon texture which is anti-slip. The pacifier has a glowing colour that makes it visible at night, this also makes it convenient as the cases of losing pacifiers is no more. This colour helps the mother to be able to trace it in the dark and therefore it can rarely be lost. The pacifier also has a nipple that is skin soft and it does not have any smell or taste hence most babies like it. Most mothers love this pacifier because of their design and how it delivers when it comes to feeding.

Fred & Friends CHILL, BABY Mustache Pacifier

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This pacifier is meant for baby boys as it comes with a unique style. It is silicone made around the nipple. The plastic that has been used to make the rest of the part is non-toxic. It helps to calm down babies prone to crying as it soothing. When you purchase this pacifier you are sure to benefit also with a reusable shell for storage that is handy. These pacifier has a smaller nipple. This pacifier can easily be matched with the baby’s costume and bring out a good picture during occasions or ceremonies. Fred and friends chill baby mustache pacifier can be a good present for male babies as it is recommended for baby boys. The name of the pacifier comes from the manufacturer’s name which is Fred and this company has the objective of making products that are cheerful to their customers.

Tomme Tippe closer to nature fun pacifier

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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fun Pacifier has different designs that constitutes animals. The reason why it has different designs is to make it suitable for both boys and girls. This pacifier is meant for children who are under the age bracket of six up to eighteen months. The period that suits this pacifier is when the baby is teething. Its designed is meant to ensure that the baby undergoes natural oral development successfully as it is easy for the baby to keep the pacifier in the mouth comfortably. The nipple of the pacifier has been designed I that it resembles the bottle and this helps the baby to get familiar with the bottle which is also part of growing. After using this pacifier the baby can be able to drink from a bottle without any problem. It is one of the best pacifiers for baby’s growth.

Safe funny pig nose baby infant teether pacifier

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This pacifier has a funny look and it is made of silicone. The silicon nipple enables the baby to enjoy while suckling as it is soft hence resembles the real nipples. For the babies who are prone to disturbing they can be given this pacifier as it does have a funny look and this look will attract the baby’s attention and make them less disturbing. The name of the pacifier came from the design which is pig like hence the name pig nose pacifier. The pacifier is also economical as it is affordable to its cheaper price compared to the rest of the pacifiers. This pacifier can be found in the in online retailers company such as amazon. The pacifier is hygienic as it does not contain the plastics that are harmful to the health of the baby. It is also easier to clean it.

Cute funny silicone baby pacifier

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This pacifier has been designed like someone who is smiling. This designed has the purpose of bringing a smile to both the parents and the baby. This design helps the baby to be comfortable as it resembles a smile and babies usually have interest is such. The pacifier has teeth shaped structures with a ring coming out from it and this rings helps the baby in that it can hold it easily. The pacifier is free of latex and it is made of real grade materials to ensure no effect to the baby. This design also can serve to be a gift for the baby. The pacifier contains attractive colors that makes it to be cute in appearance. Cute funny silicone baby pacifier is made of silicone which is one of the hospital recommendation hence safe for the baby to use.

Red lips symmetric pacifier

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The red lips symmetric pacifier contains a crystal nipple that is attractive to the baby. The design of the pacifier also has with it red lips which triggers a smile in a baby and by doing this, it acts as a good pacifier for soothing solution of the baby. The pacifier construction materials is safe as it does not contain latex in it that can bring effects to the baby. The pacifier is one piece hence easier to clean and this avoids contamination which causes infections to the baby. It is also light so that the baby can easily carry it around without difficulty. The one piece construction avoids retaining of water in the pacifier hence easy to dry after cleaning. Red lips symmetric pacifier is among the list of the recommended pacifier for babies by many hospitals because of its safety to the babies.

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  1. For the past few days I’ve been switching between pacifiers like crazy. He is rejecting every single one and on top of that, he’s also moody when it comes to breastfeeding time; he rejects the milk, moves his legs nonstop, and so on. It drives me absolutely crazy because I have no clue what to do #newmom! Right now I’m looking through the reviews for some of these pacifiers and some seem pretty good, I just have to decide what to buy now.

  2. I am going to share this with my friend who is about to give birth soon. She is going to breastfeed her baby. I wasn’t able to because my milk was just not good enough and I had worried about vitamin deficiencies in my little girl. I did breast feed my son who is now 2 and a half and I honestly never knew they had binkies for babies who specifically breast fed. You learn something new every day!

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