15 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors 2023: Light Up Your Routine

Do you want to see your makeup in best light possible?

Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors are perfect for applying your makeup, shaving, or just grooming. They have a lighted, magnified surface that makes it easy to see every detail. You can choose from two different styles – one with a built-in light and another with an adjustable arm that lets you position the mirror wherever you need it most. These mirrors are great for anyone who wants to look their best in any situation! They’re also perfect if you’re going to use them as a vanity mirror or make-up station at home.

Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors 2021

Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors Overall


Conair Reflections Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror – B003JFBXMM

The Conair Reflections Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror is ideal for any woman who wants to look her best. It features a convenient On/Off switch that makes it easy to turn on and off, and the oval design offers a wider viewing area than traditional round mirrors. The 1X and 7X magnification ensures you will see every detail clearly, while the soft halo light provides clear visibility. This double-sided lighted makeup mirror rotates 360 degrees to adjust to any angle for easy viewing.

What we like:

  • Double-sided so that you can see your makeup from different angles.
  • Lighted so that you can see every detail of your face.

Best on Budget


Wobsion Compact Mirror with Light- B08P8858MJ

The Wobsion Compact Mirror with Light is best choice! It’s specially designed to help women see their faces more clearly, even in dim environments. 3X magnification is great for close-up detail work such as applying eye makeup. The intimate magnetic switch design makes it very easy to open and won’t hurt your nails. Pink appearance gives this mirror a unique and fashionable look that will go with any outfit or occasion. Whether you are partying, traveling, or going on a picnic, you can carry it! With the help of LED lights, you can better finish your makeup!

What we like:

  • The mirror is small, lightweight and compact.
  • It has a light to help you see your face in the dark.

Best for Wall


Pansonite LED Wall Mount Makeup Mirror – B07KWBPGF2

The Pansonite wall-mounted extendable mirror is an excellent gift for your friends and family. It will be the perfect addition to any bathroom, bedroom, or dressing room. With 10X and 1X magnification, the dual-sided vanity mirror with 8.5 wide viewing angle can ensure you can see every detail of your make-up, dress up, and shaving. The smooth 360-degree swivel design allows you to fix the mirror at any angle according to your need. You could fold back against the wall when not in use.

What we like:

  • You can see your full face in the mirror.
  • The magnification of this mirror is perfect for applying makeup.


Ovente 7″ Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror – B07L6RXDJ6

Ovente 7″ Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror is a great choice. It features a 360° swivel design and two sides with 1x (full-face view) and 10x magnifications. You can see every detail up close! The 13” Extension from wall w/ Diffused White LED Ring Light – Long-lasting and energy-efficient. If you want an affordable way to upgrade your beauty routine without spending hundreds of dollars on salon equipment that will only sit unused most days of the year, then this is exactly what you need. This high-quality lighted makeup mirror has everything that professionals use – all at a price that won’t break the bank!

  • Get a clear view of your face.
  • Mirror rotates 360 degrees and tilts up and down to suit any angle.


FASCINATE Wall Mounted Lighted Vanity Mirror – B08Q7CNJ66

FASCINATE Wall Mounted Lighted Vanity Mirror features 1x and 10x magnification, so it’s perfect for skincare and makeup application in poorly lit areas or at night. Plus, shaving is easier with this lighted 10x magnifying mirror. Look about 6 inches away from the 10x magnification mirror for a distortion-free view. This vanity mirror has 54 LEDs that provide bright lighting without harsh shadows or glare on your face. With 8″ wide-angle viewing area, you can see all of your facial features clearly while looking into this wall-mounted makeup mirror! You can also use our LED-lighted travel mirrors when traveling! They are lightweight and easy to pack up in any suitcase or carry-on bag!

What we like:

  • Get the perfect lighting for your makeup routine.
  • Create a more relaxing environment in your bathroom or bedroom.

Best for Desk


FENCHILIN Lighted Makeup Mirror – B07PV6V9MH

Fenchilin Lighted Makeup Mirror is the perfect solution. It’s an ideal choice for anyone who wants to look their best every day. This lighted vanity mirror will help you achieve your desired look with ease, whether at home or on the go. You won’t have to worry about any shadows or glare ruining your makeup application ever again! With adjustable brightness settings and 3 different color modes, it’s easy to find the right lighting conditions no matter where you are using it. Plus, its sturdy metal base allows it to stand up against heavy use on your desk without tipping over. Finally, this tabletop Hollywood mirror comes with 12 non-replaceable LED bulbs so that you’ll always have plenty of light when applying makeup in dimly lit areas like bathrooms or bedrooms!

What we like:

  • You’ll be able to see your makeup in detail.
  • Makeup will last longer.


FASCINATE Trifold Led Lighted Makeup Mirror – B07G75GDD7

FASCINATE Trifold Led Lighted Makeup Mirror is a portable lighted makeup mirror with a small round 10x magnifying mirror. It comes with 2X and 3X magnification mirrors on the left panel for daily skincare. This mirror is illuminated by 21 LEDs, offers natural lights and allows you makeup in dark areas. You can dim or brighten up the mirror by touching the button on the mirror. The makeup mirror comes with a 10x zoom-in mirror for detailed eyebrows and eyeshadow.

What we like:

  • Get a great view of your makeup.
  • See all the details of your face.


Fabuday Hollywood Cosmetic Mirror – B08J2TV1W4

The Fabuday Vanity Mirror with Lights is the perfect addition to your desk or dresser. It’s an illuminated mirror that will help you complete your makeup routine in style. With 9 different LED bulbs, you can choose between 3 different light colors to make sure you always look great! This vanity mirror has touch screen technology, so it’s easy to turn on and off the sunlight and adjust its brightness. It’s a great way to complete your makeup in any room of your house or office. The adjustable lighting design allows you to brighten or dim the brightness as needed, making this an ideal accessory for any occasion.

What we like:

  • Your friends will be jealous of your new mirror.
  • You’ll have a perfect view of your makeup every time.

Best for Travel


Vimdiff Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights – B07JFMCMX3

Vimdiff is a makeup mirror with lights that allows you to focus on a specific section of your face to achieve a professional finish. It’s ideal for applying makeup and other beauty treatments that require more precision, such as applying contact lenses and eyebrow tweezing, precise tweezing, shaving, hair styling, and facial care. The 360°rotation helps adjust to any desired angle or position; the strong suction cup locks your mirror securely onto any clean, smooth surface with ease, such as on a table, wall, window. You can even take it into the shower! With Vimdiff there’s no need for harsh lighting anymore!

What we like:

  • Magnify your makeup with the 3x magnifying mirror.
  • See everything in detail, even when you’re doing fine details like eyeliner.


WOBANE LED Travel Makeup Mirror – B07WGWD8FD

The Slim and elegant Pink Compact Mirror is the perfect gift for women. It’s a charming and useful mirror for women of all ages, perfect for any special day, such as Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Anniversaries, Christmas, and more. This handy mirror with LED light will be your best travel companion in daily life. The regular mirror provides a true image, while a 10 x magnifying mirror allows you to see every detail. A great pocket-size travel makeup mirror easily fits into a handbag or purse. You can carry it anywhere you go!

What we like:

  • The light is adjustable for different skin tones.
  • You can use it as a mirror or as a makeup station.

Best for Bathroom


KEDSUM Flexible Gooseneck LED Lighted Makeup Mirror – B01MYX3DC6

The KEDSUM Flexible Gooseneck LED Lighted Makeup Mirror is the perfect addition to any vanity. With 10x magnification and 14 LED lights, this mirror will help you see every detail of your face so that you can apply your makeup flawlessly every time! It’s also flexible, allowing you to adjust it to find a comfortable position for your needs. Whether it be applying makeup, tweezing eyebrows or contact lens insertion, this gooseneck design allows you to customize the angle of the light source so that it fits perfectly with your needs. Plus, its sleek black finish makes it aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

What we like:

  • See your makeup from any angle.
  • Reduces the risk of smudging or getting lipstick on your teeth.


Sunplustrade Makeup Mirror with Lights – B073V877RL

The Sunplustrade Makeup Mirror with LED lights and Flexible Gooseneck is an essential tool for any woman who wants to look her best. It allows you to see all your facial flaws in detail so you can easily apply makeup or fix problem areas. The bright LED lights illuminate your face evenly so you can clearly see every little detail. You’ll never have to worry about shadows again! With a 9.8 inch flexible gooseneck, it’s easy to adjust the mirror to any position you like – even if it’s hanging on a wall! This mirror will change how you feel about getting ready each morning forever.

What we like:

  • Get a clear view of your face in any lighting condition.
  • Light up the mirror to see every detail of your makeup application.


VESAUR Professional 8.5″ Lighted Makeup Mirror – B07VHMQ84J

The VESAUR Professional 8.5″ Lighted Makeup Mirror is made with high-quality materials and has LED lights that provide ultra-bright and soft eye-protection light sources. It’s perfect for any bathroom or bedroom! You can use it to apply makeup, do your hair, shave, pluck eyebrows, remove facial hair, etc. This mirror will make all of those tasks much easier than ever before! If you want to get rid of your old makeup mirrors with low quality, this one is highly recommended! It has many great features that make it an excellent choice for any bathroom in your home or office space.

What we like:

  • The mirror is made of high-quality materials.
  • It has a lighted base for clear viewing.

Best for Teenager


EASEHOLD Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights – B01N9OEV4I

EASEHOLD Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights is equipped with upgraded 38 LED, which can adjust the light brightness as your needs for any situation, whatever daytime, evening, home, or office. The light of the led vanity mirror is natural and soft and bright. But it is not dazzling, protects your eyes, and avoids creating glare. The 4 panels, magnifying modes, and wide-angle viewing help you to see your face clearly and make an ideal makeup with this light mirror. The vanity mirror’s difference from others comes with an additional compact & detachable 10X magnification mirror.

What we like:

  • Mirror is adjustable and rotates 360 degrees.
  • The lights are bright and perfect for applying makeup.


CZW Trifold Makeup Vanity Mirror – B075R8B6HP

The CZW Trifold Makeup Vanity Mirror is 36 piece adjustable LEDs that can light the darkest and poorly lit areas. The light is natural and soft, bright but not dazzling, protecting your eyes. The 1X true Mirror is in the middle and left side, 2X and 3X magnifying mirror are on the right side. WEILY lighted makeup mirror provides wide-angle viewing and creates an ultra-clear view of your skin, great for applying eyeliner, mascara, grooming brows, and contact lens. This WEILY LED light vanity mirror can be powered by 4 pcs AAA batteries or a USB cable.

What we like:

  • Easy to use and has a magnification level of 10x.
  • The trifold design provides excellent lighting for your face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mirrors with lights good for makeup?

Mirrors with lights are great when you have your makeup done. But make sure it is at eye level, not too high or low. Otherwise, the light will be off.

How do I choose a lighted makeup mirror?

A well-lighted makeup mirror has a few settings to make it perfect. You should be able to adjust the brightness and coverage of the light depending on where you are standing from the mirror. It is also essential to turn it around full circle for people who want different angles. Some mirrors even have unique settings like a lighting timer or adjustable brightness.

Are led makeup mirrors bad for your eyes?

Yes. It can feel like a different world when you wear makeup, but it is not good to use led lights in the mirror. They might make your eyes hurt because they are too bright. It is okay for industry experts to recommend these mirrors, but many people avoid them anyway.

Are lighted vanity mirrors worth it?

Yes. Lighted vanity mirrors give you a nice light all around the room, and they last for many years. They use less electricity too! Regular light bulbs need to be replaced every few months, but these don’t.

Is 5X magnification better than 10X?

A 10X magnification lens lets you see more than one object at once. A 5X magnification means that things close to the focal plane, like the ground, will be blurry.

Why shouldn’t you use a magnifying mirror?

A 10X magnification lens lets you see more than one object at once. A 5X magnification means that things close to the focal plane, like the ground, will be blurry.

What is the brightest lighted makeup mirror?

Some mirrors are bright with light. The VisiBright 10x magnifying mirror is one of best out there. It has good lighting for makeup, and it comes in different plug-in power supplies.

Lighted Makeup Mirrors Buyer Guide

Lighted makeup mirrors can not only give you a magnified look of your face to make eyebrow tweezing or blackhead removal easier, but they also let you know how your makeup will look in a particular light. These mirrors help you apply your makeup more precisely and reduce the chances of any error or smudging. There are some factors that must be considered when buying a lighted makeup mirror to get the right product. Some of these factors include:

1) Shape & Size

Go for circular or rectangular mirrors depending on your requirements and the decor of the surroundings. A circular mirror has ring lights while the rectangular mirrors have side lights or bar lights. The size of the mirror should be portable and lightweight.

2) Light Type & Color

There are many options when it comes to lights in makeup mirrors. Go for lights which you are normally exposed to rather than other fancy lighting options. Choose a mirror which has adjustable lighting options which can be brightened or dimmed according to the requirement.

3) Magnification

Generally, makeup mirrors offer a 7x or 10x magnifications on one side and normal viewing on the other side. There are some mirrors which give magnified results with the touch of a button. Try different mirrors to see which level of magnification you are comfortable with.

4) Price

You can get a good makeup mirror in the range of 20$ to 100$ depending on the brand. Most mirrors work on the same principle and offer similar results but some high-end mirrors offer extra features. Go online to check some deals and discounts which can bring the price of the mirror further down.

Here are some general tips and tricks which you should keep in mind when buying and using a lighted makeup mirror:

  • Do not use the makeup mirror is absolute darkness as this can damage your skin and the mirror loses its efficiency over time.
  • Keep the mirror in a soft travel bag if you are carrying it for an outdoor makeup event as keeping it as it is can scratch the mirror.
  • Buy a lighted mirror which has multiple lighting options like night, day, indoor, and outdoor lights to get more usage out of the product.
  • Keep the lights of the mirror switched off when not in use to maintain their efficiency and enhance the performance of the mirror.
  • You can also use the makeup mirror to apply face masks and serums or to tweeze the hair on any other body part.
  • Using a mirror on a flat surface gives you a better view of your face and makeup as compared to holding it in your hand. Find a sturdy table to use it for best results.

So these are ten of the most popular lighted makeup mirrors which are the perfect addition to your vanity table. These mirrors will help you check your makeup look for any unblended areas and smudges. They will also magnify your features and provide you with a natural light to apply your makeup easily. Use this buyer guide to find the right mirror for your vanity and make your makeup routine a lot easier and better with this mirror.

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